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Methasoft systems

There are three different Methasoft TMS modules to choose from, depending on your requirements and each can be modified further to suit your business’s needs if required. You can also upgrade your system at any point simply by ringing our sales team.

The following packages are our standard offerings:


Methasoft Lite

Methasoft Lite

The entry level system that has everything you need to dispense the appropriate substance misuse treatment in any setting.



Basic features include but are not limited to:

  • Individual patient profiles
  • Prescription entering
  • Prepacking of doses
  • Dispensing of doses
  • Automated CD register
  • Selection of useful reports
Methasoft Dosing

Methasoft Dosing

Methasoft Dosing is targeted at services handling a larger number of prescriptions for substance misuse each day. It provides additional features, such as titration/detox plans and advanced reporting functionality, to simplify the management of substance misuse in a higher number of patients.

Methasoft Dosing features include:

  • All of the features included in Methasoft Lite
  • Titration/detox plans
  • Absent patient monitoring
  • Opportunity to file additional notes and comments
  • Advanced reporting functionality – including “no show” reporting
Methasoft Clinic

Methasoft Clinic

Combines the dispensing and dosing modules with care planning systems, providing all the functionality you need for the complete care of your client across a wide range of substance misuse services.


Methasoft Clinic features include:

  • All of the features found in both the Methasoft Lite and the Methasoft Dosing packages
  • Counselling module
  • Care planning
  • Treatment plans
  • Patient assessment tools