Why choose Methasoft?

Now in use throughout the US, Australia and the UK, Methasoft is the most widely used system of automated methadone dispensing globally. In terms of ease of use, safety, accuracy and security, our system cannot be beaten.


Positive identification of patients is not always easy in a busy environment. Methasoft offers patient identification using digital photography and fingerprint or iris recognition biometrics if required.


The Methasoft automated dispensing system is highly accurate, with less wastage and an error rate of ≤1%, far better than can be achieved manually.


Access to the system is securely controlled by the use of individual log-on names and passwords, enabling you to have complete control of individuals’ level of access to the software. All patient data is further secured using the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) as used by banks and government agencies. This prevents unauthorised access to the data in the event of hardware theft.

Advanced reporting features

The electronic Controlled Drug Register is automatically completed and additional comprehensive reports can be generated at any time. Methasoft can also provide reports for your commissioning authority or treatment providers at the touch of a button.