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Medilogic joined The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) at the beginning of the year and attended the first meeting of 2013 in Leicester on Wednesday 13th February.

AIMp Ltd is a membership organisation representing the interests of privately owned community pharmacy companies with between 5 and 300 branches in England and Wales, currently covering 1300 community pharmacy NHS contracts. The organisation holds quarterly meetings to ensure members are fully briefed on professional, business and political issues and to provide valuable opportunities to network.

Bob and Michele from Medilogic showcased Methasoft at the event.  Michele said, “I’ve attended AIMp meetings previously and have always found them of great interest and value. It’s great to have a regular opportunity to talk with business contacts and friends in person and so I was very pleased that Medilogic was able to join.  Diane Moss, General Manager of AIMp said “, “AIMp is delighted that Medilogic has become an honorary member and showcased their Methasoft technology at the first members’ meeting of the year.  I am certain that Medilogic will find it very beneficial to meet with our members who are entrepreneurial business focused pharmacists looking for new innovative products which will add to their dispensary services. Medilogic will also benefit from attending meetings as they will hear at first hand the issues facing Pharmacy and those working in the profession.”

The next AIMp meeting is being held on Thursday 2nd May. Venue to be confirmed.

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