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How to offer a first class methadone treatment service in your pharmacy.

When you introduce Methasoft into your pharmacy for your methadone treatment service you can be confident that you and your staff will be able to dispense methadone to patients safely, quickly, accurately and efficiently.

• Quick and accurate identification of patients using fingerprint or iris biometrics

• Quick reporting of Methadone stock inventory

• Accurate pumping (+/-1%) using peristaltic pumps

Methasoft Treatment Management Systems enable you to accurately identify patients with a choice of iris or fingerprint biometrics. In addition, photographs of patients can be added to ensure that you and your staff can quickly and safely identify patients, how much methadone needs to be dispensed and then dispense it for you. You can report a range of information about a patients dosing history to help you manger their methadone treatment. With Methasoft Treatment Management you can effectively manager your stock of Methadone. The system enables you to report how much stock you have down to how much is left in open bottles to what is in your store.

Methadone treatment to substance misuse clients using Methasoft can achieve a typical time saving of 71% when compared with manual dosing. Up to 25 minutes being saved in a single day when dispensing to as little as 11 clients. This is time that can be spent carrying out other revenue generating activities or tasks (e.g. MURs). See what you can save with our online savings calculator.

Methasoft automatic dispensing system is highly accurate with less wastage and an error rate of Sl %, far better than can ever be achieved by manually pouring, giving you the most efficient methadone treatment service available. The system’s advanced and versatile reporting enables you to generate whatever level of documentation you require, from the completion of the electronic Controlled Drug Register to sophisticated data analysis and customised reports that can be generated at any time at a touch of a button.

Behind any great system are great people. Our training and support team are themselves experienced in dispensing methadone in both community and prison pharmacies. They have been supporting Methasoft nationwide since 2005. From our direct dial support number to online help and onsite visits, we ensure that your methadone treatment service runs smoothly.

If you would like more information about adding Methasoft Treatment System to your Methadone Treatment Service please contact us