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Methadone controlled drugs cabinet

We have just received our latest shipment of Methadone controlled drugs cabinets. These cabinets are designed exclusively or use with the Methasoft system and enable users to comply with the regulations. They are supplied as part of our Methasoft  LITE system which is aimed specifically for community pharmacy.

Lockable Door

The most important part of a controlled drugs cabinet is to prevent theft and unauthorised access to the controlled drugs contained within. The Methasoft controlled drugs cabinet has a lockable front door to secure the Methadone internally without the need to keep transferring bottles from your main stores to your work area.

Secure Mounting

Methasoft controlled drugs cabinets have holes cut into the back and the underside so that it can be fixed securely to a wall, floor or workbench. This helps with compliance and security. Medilogic UK Ltd will carry out this mounting at installation.

Drip Tray

Being sticky, you do not want any spillages making their way into the cabinet or your work area. Methasoft controlled drugs cabinets are fitted with a removable metal drip


Methasoft controlled drugs cabinets are slimline so that they fit into your dispensary. Internally they can fit 2 pumps (one for sugar and one for sugar free Methadone) and 2 large plastic containers for the different variants of Methadone.

The Methasoft slimline cabinet is provided as part of the Methasoft LITE system. The Methasoft LITE system is available to try FREE OF CHARGE

Medilogic have been the leading suppliers of automated methadone dispensing systems since 2005 and are the longest serving provider of such services. Contact us now to find out how our experience can help you improve the cost effectiveness of your Methadone service.