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Methadone dispensing NPA gold supplier partner

We have now achieved Gold Supplier Partner status for it’s methadone dispensing system in the National Pharmacy Association’s supplier partner programme. We have a long history with the NPA having both Bronze & Sliver status in previous years. You can check out our supplier partner page on the NPA website for more information about our Methasoft methadone dispensing system. Alternatively you can call us on 0845 257 0834 or email The Supplier Partner programme was introduced by the NPA to help narrow down choice for Pharmacists to help them procure high quality and value for money services.

This promotion to NPA Gold Supplier Partner recognises the quality and value that methadone dispensing system for delivers to pharmacies. We are aiming for is Platinum Supplier Partner status with the NPA. This is achieved by NPA members rating our Methadone dispensing services. This feedback is then provided to the NPA for assessment and a decision taken on whether we meet the requirements for Platinum status. So, if you are already using our Methadone dispensing system please contact us know and provide some feedback on our products and services.

In the meantime we continue to meet the NPA’s Core values: caring, excellence, ambition, innovation, integrity and accountability and looks forward to working alongside the NPA, and it’s members as their supplier partner for Methadone Dispensing this year and delivering the very best in customer service.

If you would like to know more about our Methasoft Methadone Dispensing system or please