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Methasoft Treatment Management System (TMS) is the world’s leading system for the automatic dispensing of methadone for substance misuse treatment providers. 

Methasoft is a computer-based software programme that incorporates all of the steps required to support responsive and reliable methadone dispensing, from patient identification using fingerprint or iri recognition biometric, to measuring the dose and record keeping. the methadone (or other liquid-controlled drug) is dispensed using an electronic pump and all legally required records are saved automatically. 

fast, secure and accurate, it is the system of choice for the English prison service and major pharmacy groups. when you introduce Methasoft into your pharmacy, you can be confident that you and your staff will be able to dispense methadone to patients quickly, accurately and efficiently. Methasoft’s advanced and versatile reporting allows you to generate whatever level of documentation you require, from completion of the electronic Controlled Drug register to sophisticated data analysis and customised reports. 


Methasoft system diagram. 

We can provide everything you require to administer your methadone service, from secure cabinets to all necessary hardware, including a choice of desktop or laptop computer to run the software. alternatively, you may wish to install the software onto your own equipment and we can provide you with expert guidance on this. 

Methasoft is highly scalable and can be set up for use in a single pharmacy, or across a group of services with the main database sitting on a central server, allowing access from each treatment PC across the group via local or wide area network access. 

Typical Methasoft Lite network setup