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Comprehensive Support

We want to make integrating Methasoft into your substance misuse service as simple as using the system once it’s installed 


Step1 choosing the right Methasoft package for your business

Our professional healthcare team can advise you on the right package for your business. regardless of what software and hardware you begin with, you can move on a level and/or re-customise your package at any time. 

Methasoft can be set up for use in single pharmacy or across a group of services, with the databases accessible from a central server by multiple dispensing or administrative units via a local or wide area network. 


Step 2 Installation

our technical team will come on site and install your system for you and ensure everything is working as it should be. 


Step 3 Training

One of our training team will be on site for the day when you first start using Methasoft to ensure that you and your staff are comfortable ad confident using the system. 


Step 4 Up and running

When you start to use Methasoft, it’s the start of an ongoing relationship, and we are always on hand to support and advise. 

Step 5 Growing

Once you are using Methasoft, your methadone dispensing practice will become more efficient and you may decide that you would like to expand your substance abuse service. Methasoft is highly scalable and can grow with you. 


If you would like to talk to us about how Methasoft can enhance your substance abuse service, click on the ‘Contact us’ button below to either call or email us.